Kit visits a remote school construction site near Cap-Haïtien in Haiti

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In collaboration with UNICEF and the Haiti Ministry of Education, Miyamoto International has engineered and is managing the construction of 14 school campuses in Haiti. These schools are located in extremely remote areas where we’re using innovative steel-frame systems, the first of their kind produced and constructed by Haitian contractors. These systems make it easy rebuild quake-damaged or destroyed schools more quickly while maintaining the highest degree of quality control.

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Note: This video contains close captioning in French and English.

5 Comments on “Kit visits a remote school construction site near Cap-Haïtien in Haiti

  1. Closa caption in Sapnish will be great to allow Dominican republic and other Latin American countries know about this initiatives and its results. If you are able to include close caption in Spanis please let me know to share it in our monthly newsletter about education in emergencies.



    • We will seriously consider it and let you know as soon as it is available. Thanks for your interest.

  2. Thanks for posting the video and a brief intorduction of our joint efforts towards better education facilities in Haiti. I was nice to have Dr. Kit with us.

    Someone asked about Spanish version or subtitles. It’s not a bad idea at least to reach DR people what’s actually going on in Haiti, there is an equal need of Creole Version of this video. People would love the Creole Version.



    • Thank you Khalid. We are working on additional translations. We are glad to work with Unicef on this and future projects. Each completed school is really a milestone that will provide a safe education for countless children who deserve the opportunity to make a better future for themselves and their communities.

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