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diggingUpdate from Louino Robillard: July, 2014 – Work continued throughout the month of June, with more holes being dug and the poles being installed. Throughout the beginning of the month, as school was ending, the community was very happy with the progress being made and saw that the contractors were working hard. When I spoke with community members, they appreciated not only the rehabilitation work but the fact that there were young men in the community who were benefitting from small jobs in digging out the foundation.

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APTOPIX Thailand EarthquakeWith this recent earthquake in Chiang Rai, there is heightened concern regarding the community’s seismic resiliency.  Whether a community leader, building owner or resident of the city of Chiang Rai, all stakeholders have a vested interest in mitigating the seismic risk facing the community, the city and the country. …Read More


Friday, May 2, 2014

It’s 2:30 pm and the hot African sun bears down on us. Our plane is scheduled later today, but for now I face the blowing sea smell of the wind from the Atlantic Ocean. The beach is desolate, but absolutely wild and beautiful. It’s a pure honey brown sand beach in Buchanan in the county of Grand Bassa.  My bare feet are in the sand with my business pants rolled up. I removed my tie hours ago.  These things make sense in northern European weather.  Not here. …Read More


Monday, April 28, 2014

It’s 9:30 am on a Monday and our second day in Liberia. We are here on a weeklong mission to advise the Government of Liberia on low-income housing construction.

Cojolo, our tall guide/guard and the Protocol Officer at the Ministry of Finance, waited for us for more than 30 minutes now in the lobby. I was concerned about his mood. He greeted me with a straight face and pointed at his watch. I swiftly ran into the breakfast room to fetch a cup of coffee. …Read More

Sunday, April 27, 2014

As I descended the steps of the plane after 27 hours of a hellish ride from California, the African heat and humidity mixed with the smell of burning gas bombarded me.   It was a vivid welcome to Liberia, a country in West Africa that’s home to 4 million people.  The lush green jungle that framed the airport and the insect noises vibrating through the air overwhelmed me. …Read More


When Structural Engineering Students for Humanity (SESH) decided that Haiti was to be the destination of our summer 2014 trip, we were often given a warning: “You will either love Haiti or you will hate it.” I am happy to report that after spending two weeks in a country that I never thought I would visit, I cannot wait to plan my return. …Read More

As a structural engineering student travelling to Haiti with a small group of fellow students (SESH), I intended to apply my knowledge of structures in a way that would develop communities and directly benefit people. During my brief, yet eventful, 10-day visit, I encountered the reality, obstacles, and successes of a nation susceptible to devastating natural disasters. …Read More

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In collaboration with UNICEF and the Haiti Ministry of Education, Miyamoto International has engineered and is managing the construction of 14 school campuses in Haiti. These schools are located in extremely remote areas where we’re using innovative steel-frame systems, the first of their kind produced and constructed by Haitian contractors. These systems make it easy rebuild quake-damaged or destroyed schools more quickly while maintaining the highest degree of quality control.

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Note: This video contains close captioning in French and English.

Je viens juste de terminer mon discours prononçer à l’Hôtel Kinam de Port-au-Prince, Haïti. Le public m’a chaudement applaudi. Je me suis senti bien, chauffé a blanc. J’avais parlé devant plus de 100 participants, y compris le MTPTC (le Ministère des Travaux publics Transport et Communication Haïtien) des ingénieurs, des directeurs de ministères, des partenaires  d’organisation non gouvernementale (ONG) et des médias. Cet événement devait en effet célébrer les réalisations des ingénieurs du MTPTC suite au tremblement de terre de 2010. …Read More