I attended the tsunami-themed Pacem in Maribus Conference in Thailand where I was slated to be one of the keynote speakers. Thailand is especially interested in tsunamis after its Andaman Coast was ravaged by a particularly devastating one in 2004, killing more than 8,000 people on the southern coast. Pacem in Maribus is Latin for Peace in the Ocean.  The organization is an international forum on sustainable governance of the oceans with experts from countries all around the world.

Thai Hotel Association: Seismic Risk Komsarn, Elizabeth and I arrived at the office of PRE-BUILT in the humid Bangkok afternoon. PRE-BUILT is one of the premier developers slush contractors in Bangkok. They have built dozens of high rise condominium and office buildings in this expanding South East Asian city of 8 million people. Viroj, a principal of PRE-BUILT met us with his engineers and architects in the air conditioned office. We were ready to talk about how we could make it better.

July 4, 2013 Thailand – The “Safety Talk for the Hotel Industry” was held at the Asia Hotel. Many hotel owners were in attendance to understand the risks to the community they service and their investment. The event was organized and sponsored by the Association of Natural Disaster Prevention Industry (ANDPI).