Thai Hotel Association: Seismic Risk

Thai Hotel Association: Seismic Risk

prebuilt-logoKomsarn, Elizabeth and I arrived at the office of PRE-BUILT in the humid Bangkok afternoon. PRE-BUILT is one of the premier developers slush contractors in Bangkok. They have built dozens of high rise condominium and office buildings in this expanding South East Asian city of 8 million people. Viroj, a principal of PRE-BUILT met us with his engineers and architects in the air conditioned office. We were ready to talk about how we could make it better.

He said, “Can you help us engineer and market our condo better?” I said, “Of course we can. We will work with your engineer to make your new condo performs better than the minimum Thai building code. And, we will make sure that the return on investment of this improvement is significant.” Viroj said,” Good. Give me your proposal. I will sign it.” We will essentially provide him extensive peer review and help him market our capacity into his marketing plan. He may be commercially motivated first but I know he cares about what he builds. We will save lives because of it.


Elizabeth Kenyon just arrived here from New York City. She first worked with us in Haiti a few years ago. She left for New York right after that. Now she is living in Bangkok, and has rejoined our company. She became the first full time Miyamoto Thai staff and she works on engineering and marketing. Komsarn is a CEO of Miyamoto Thai. His main focus is business development. My main job while I am in Bangkok is not only to generate revenue or strategize business, but work with Liz and our Thai partners closely. Adding values to others and coaching is probably one of the most important jobs as a leader.

image3Later, we made a presentation to the Thai hotel Association. There were about 40 executives from the hotel industry. Hospitality and tourism are one of the most critical market sectors in Thailand. We talked about seismic risk strategy but I felt that they were most intrigued by having Miyamoto certification in their check in counter and web site. But that’s ok. We will still accomplish our purpose.

At 5 pm, our six partners met for a board meeting. It was a strategic session about revenue generation. Our partners are a well-connected group. I bet as a team, they know 90% of key Thai private and public sectors.

Our discussion was focused on business strategy in Thai and Myanmar. But it occurred to me that we were probably the only group in Bangkok who was comprehensively planning about earthquake risk reduction programs in these places. We do have a great job.


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